Construction Ahead part 1

Episode 5

In the South gate of Waterdeep, the merchant employers pay and thank the party before scattering in the vast city. The cultists continue together north, and the party decides to follow them. The cultists stop at a warehouse near the North Gate and then take a room at an inn.

Yeni Silentsteps decides to find more about the warehouse. It seems that the cultists joined a caravan bound north yet again, belonging to High Road Charter Company, tasked by Lord Neverember to repair the High Road that connects Waterdeep with Neverwinter. He also learned that the Company hires builders and guards.

The heroes signed for the guarding job, and joined the caravan early in the next morning to travel the High Road east of the Mere of the Dead Men. Guess who wasnt happy with the heroes joining the caravan. The cultist group kept staring angrily through the journey.

The only event that happened during the ten day trip was an interaction with three lizardfolk merchants. As the heroes were trying to bargain for some slaves the lizardfolk had in their possesion, a group of twelve bullywugs attacked the lizardfolk and the party. The heroes helped the lizardfolk fend of the attack and traded some metalic weapons for the three slaves, a young woman named Ophelia, a small kid named Amon and a halfling woman named Sophie.

At the seventh day the party was able to get a first look at the Mere of the Dead Men, a vast swamp with a tangle of trees, brush, boggy ground, standing water and vines, stretching as far as the eye could see.

The base of the constuction operation was an ex-inn named Carnath Roadhouse, a wooden complex of buildings near the High Road. As the caravan arrived, a burly half-orc that was in charge started giving instructions for the unloading of the wagons, and our heroes went straight for rest.

Alder couldnt help it and went for a little rogue buisness in the cultists room, finding out that Larion Keenblade was stealing gems from the cult. After making the gems his property, he scoured off to the tavern.

The scent of hot soup and red wine filled the tavern, but when the characters finally relaxed, a drunk Nina, the girlfriend of the cultist who was murdered two days before Waterdeep, bashed her hand on the table and started blaming Alder for the murder yet again. Only one way could solve this. A duel. The builders and cultists, as well as their leaders Andred Briferhew and Bog Luck, made a circle in the inner yard, and the two combatants stared angrily at each other. The match that followed was bloody, but Alder the rogue used every advantage he found and with a mercilless slash he cut open Nina’s throat.



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