Construction Ahead part 2

Episode 5

The gods have proven that Alder was not the one who murdered Nina’s boyfriend, and the cultists, head down, leave for their rooms.

Meanwhile, in the other side of the Sword Coast, a young bard named Keenblade, joins the harpers, and with the help of Leosin and the ranger of the Emerald Enclave Gom-Mena gets an artifact that will allow him to get teleported to the person he can think of most.

First person that comes in his mind is his companion Alder, but as the ritual of teleportation begins, his head is filled with thoughts of his lost father. Next time he opens his eyes Keenblade is surrounded by a dark swamp. Sobbings can be heard behind some bushes, and the bard sees the figure of a man crying silently in front of a destroyed ritual.

‘’Father!’’ he shouts, and Larion Keenblade, his elven father runs and hugs him, not beliving entirely that his son is real. After a moving meeting, the bard learns that Larion joined the Cult to protect his family, but cant stand it anymore, and he was planning to find a way to leave. Together, they head to Carnath Roadhouse, where thanks to Tymora are resting the other companions of the Bard. All except one.

Stor Lackman the barbarian decides to find out where the treasure is stored, and what is so fishy about this place. His instict guides him to the storeroom, full of road repairing equipment, as well as a locked door. Scatching noises and whispers can be heard from inside. And a door cannot stop a barbarian from the Sky Pony tribe. Two kicks are all that it takes to send the door flying, as well as waking all the residents of Carnath Roadhouse. Also the barbarian gets attacked by enemies he cant see inside the dark strongroom.

Having travelled with Stor Lackman for many months, Alder and Yeni Silentsteps are sure what the source of the noise is. Darting, the two rogues run to the storeroom, and the rest of Carnath Roadhouse residents, with their PJs and their weapons drawn circle the entrance. All evidence show that the party is trying to infiltrate the strongroom, and neither the shouts of Andred nor the presuasiveness of Keenblade can change the situation.

A battle begins, with the half orc breaking the door to the strong room and the barbarian holding him off the entrance. After some slashes, Bog Luck moves back and orders his archers to attack the barbarian. With a nod, Larion bids farewell to his son, as the bard hypnotizes most of the Cultists and builders with a powerfull spellsong. Bog Luck and four Cultists resist the spell but fall before the axe and the arrows of the companions. The heroes run into the strongroom, exhausted, where they find a secret door and enter as fast as they can.

The tunnel runs for almost a kilometer before leading through a trapdoor to the damp swamp. The rogues spot an ambush from lizardfolk ahead, something that gets taken care of from a second hypnotizing spell from the bard. The party grabs one of the sleeping lizardmen and run into the darkness of thee swamp.



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