On the Road part 3

Episode 4

Three days of traveling under heavy rain and storm is a very effective moodbreaker. Wet clothes and a cold is the best that one can hope for. But alas, the storm has passed and a new surprise awaits the heroes. The fields, as far as the eye can see, are filled with fast growing fungi. In an hour the fungi are almost a meter high and they scream when touched/ slashed/ fire bolted. Finding no other way, the heroes cut through them for six hours of a traumatic experience that will stop them from eating mushrooms for the rest of their life.

Some days later our friend Alder meets two buxom twin sisters, saying that they were robbed and abandoned by their guide. Also the twins seem to have a liking for Alder, who they befriend and tease all the time. Not everything can be bad in a journey! Right? Well, Alder found out the hard way, as the twin sisters were tranformed dopplegangers, trying to eat a fresh halfling. Just when things started being interesting. Arrieta was defeated and Zelina ran into the woods screaming vows of revenge.

Finally a sunny day and the caravan spotted a herd of elks, with a magnificent male with golden fur and horns. As the caravan hunters happily prepare to hunt the magnificent beast, Yeni Silentsteps, after a plea from his employer, takes it to himself to stop the hunters from killing it. A good use of his illusions and the hunters are misleaded. The two rogues follow the magnificent beast into some abandoned ruins. There, the elk approaches them, offering a magical bow and saying: ‘’You are on the right track, continue following the river of gold until you reach the castle in the sky. Sadly, the road is filled with hardship and blood’‘. Fading it whispers: ’’Not everyone will survive’’.

The caravan, having last rested in the Dragonspear Castle some days before, stop outside an inn. However, their hopes of a soft bed and a well cooked meal disappear, as the inn is sold out to some rude nobles. But our heroes do not tolerate bullying, and they enter the inn, only to find out that the nobles are really assasins tasked to create trouble. Their poisoned arrows are not enough to stop our mighty heroes, and the party teaches them their last lesson of life: bullying is a bad thing.

Almost 40 days in the road, a rock breaks the wheel of a cultish wagon and lots of golden items and coins spill into the ground. The players, not wanting to draw attention, leave the cultists gather their stolen gold and help them fix the wheel.

Three days later and the party spots a head in the middle of the road. They find out that it belongs to a half burried harper, still alive, named Carlon Amofell. He was falsely accused of oathbreaking by some cultists and was left there for the gods to decide his fate.

Passing through green forests, the caravan gets attacked by some etteraps and their pet spiders. The ettercaps steal two horses and run into the woods. The heroes are tasked to find them and save the horses, something that they successfully do, also revealing some charlattans that wanted to deceive the merchants of being epic warriors and then steal their money.

As the journey takes his last big rest before Waterdeep, Alder notices that a Cultist named Sarvos Varaan watches him suspiciously, as if trying to remember where he s seen him before…



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