On the Road part 4

Episode 4

After your humble servant’s Losvious Longnose warning, you are sure. Sarvos Varaan has almost regognized Alder, and the party must deal with him as fast as possible. And the perfect opportunity arrives when Sarvos goes off into the woods at night. Yeni Silentsteps decides to spy on him with his owl familiar, and finds out that he prepares a ritual for Tiamat.

The party, with the aid of Gale the Bard, follow him into the woods. Praying in his goddess in front of a symbol illustrating the five heads of Tiamat, Sarvos summons a black oily snake, to help him slay the traitor of the Cult who think is Alder.

The party then interrupts the second summoning before the oily snake can materialize and attack the black dragonwing cultist. The heroes manage to subdue the cultist and burn his snakes, but his will is strong and he kills himself before giving any information to his captors.

The last long day rest is housed on Daggerford, where a halfling named Jamna and a caped man from Thay join the caravan. Asbara Jos, the Thayan, purchases a seat in the Cult’s wagon, even though the cultists turned everyone else away.

in the following days the characters notice that the halfling Jamna spies both the characters and the cultists, and is also aware that the heroes have noticed her too. She joins them in the next morning and showes them a sharp bone hidden in the cereals that they were ready to eat, telling them that they have a common enemy and that they should talk at night. Later the heroes exchange information about the cultists, and learn that Asbara Jos is most likely a red wizard of Thay.

Two days before the end of the trip, the caravan is awaken by a murder. A cultist posing a guard was slain by a shortsword weilder at night. A cultist woman named Nina accuses Alder the rogue, saying that they were watching them and murdered his boyfriend. The merchants side with the heroes, as they were the ones that saved them from all the trouble in the road, and finally Asbara comes forth and tries to calm everyone. Nina’s accusations die when someone tells her to check if anything is missing from her wagon.

Finally, after two months on the road, Waterdeep, the city of splendors appears in the horizon.



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