Castle Naerytar, part 1

Episode 6

The creepy swamp surrounds the party as they start questioning the lizardfolk. It seems that the Cult uses the lizardfolk to move the treasure from Carnath Roadhouse to a castle in the north named Naerytar, leaded by Rezmir and a half-elf named Borngray. Also the Cult made an alliance with a lizardfolk tribe and a bullywug tribe, with leader a bullywug named Pharblex Spattergoo. It seems that the lizards are being bullied by the bullywugs.

Meanwhile, Yeni Silentsteps sends his familiar owl to scout the entrance of the tunnel behind. Torches appear from inside, and a small force leaded by Andred Briferhew emerges from the tunnel right into the half awakened lizardfolk. The battle that followed was bloody, and when Andred and his mercenaries got close to the victory, the cultists backstabbed and killed them all.

After the questioning, the party decides to sleep in the trees. Strange silluettes patrolled the swamp, but the party managed to rest successfully, waking up only to find out that they had forgotten their things back at the Roadhouse.

After deciding to head back, the party found Larion, who brought them their bags and warned them that the cultists took control of the Roadhouse and brought reiforcements. Also he needed some bodies to prove that they were dead, so they headed to the swamp and fought zombies so that Larion could collect bodies to match their description.

In the heat of the battle with the zombies, the captive lizard managed to escape, and brought a small squadron of lizardfolks to attack the adventurers. Soon the heroes understood that their shaman leader was testing their strength, and with his final breath he ordered his son Snapjaw to plea with them, so that they would help save their tribe.

Snapjaw the lizardfolk explained that his tribe wants to get rid of the Cult and bullywugs from the castle, but until now they waited for the right time. With the help of the party they would have the upper hand. And so the party, with Snapjaw leading, makes its way through the swamp using the canoes of the lizardfolk to Castle Naerytar.

But as we said a couple of times already, nothing is as simple as it sounds. Almost at dusk Snapjaw spots a massive creature heading their way, and recognizes it as the moss that walks. The shambling mound graps Yeni and tries to devour him, but Stor pulls him out of the rotten weedpile and with Alder they paddle to the shore. The creature follows and the heroes make their stand in the shore, dousing the mound with oil and setting it on fire. Finally, with an excellent combination of attacks the creature is brought down.

Snapjaw, amazed, explains that the mound terrorized his tribe for a long time, and killing it pproves once again that the heroes are the saviors he and his tribe needs.

After half a day paddling, the party arrives in front of Castle Naerytar, feeling that they are getting closer and closer to Rezmir and her treasure.



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