Castle Naerytar, part 2

Episode 6

The huge castle is made of stone, with four defending towers and one observatory emerging from the center of the ancient building.

The plan had three parts. The fisrt one is to enter the castle posing as cultists, with the guidance of Snapjaw. The second is to meet the leaders of the lizardfolks. The third part was still under construction.

The party was given a room in the North West tower that was left abandoned. Their first task was to clean the room from a nest of centipedes, repair some damage and clean it. Stor Lackman fell asleep immediatly, and our rogues decided to take the chance and explore the suspicious basement of the castle.

It appears that the basement is an underground cave complex, and the rogues are able to find the tracks of the treasure crates. They lead in a chamber filled with fog, with a circle of runes in the center that is most probably a teleportation circle.

A room near the chamber seems to be a shrine to a messed god, a fuse of Shar the goddess of night, the drow god of slimes and of a primordial lizard god. Also the one who created this god seems to have no knowledge of any of its parts, and gives his god the shape of a shadowed woman with the head of a frog covered in slime. The last passage leads to an underground lake, where two bullywugs spot the rogues and lead them to the entrance, after believing that they were lost.

When they returned, Stor wakens, and with the barbarian awake, trouble is always nearby. -I’m hungry, said Stor, and stormed into the main room searching for the kitchen. Two giant lizards start hissing, and Stor the barbarian gets the message and backs off. No, not really. He draws his greatsword and starts hacking the lizards. One fells from his savage attacks, as the door opens and Snapjaw enters to save the day. he calms the lizard and brings Stor some food.



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